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It's more than just a budget: Say hello to your financial partner

Tools to improve your financial health

Track credit card budget Automate rent budget Automate insurance budget

Track your bills

A centralized place for all your bills and subsciptions

From credit card and utility bills, to rent, to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Get notified when they’re due and pay directly from the app

Keep me in the loop
Solooble automates all your transfers and payments

Automate transfers

Save and pay off debt on the fly

Setup routines to roundup your purchases or set aside a percentage of your income towards building savings, investments, or paying off debt

Keep me in the loop
Personalized feedback to keep you on track with your budget

Receive intelligent feedback

Reach your goals faster

Recieve intelligent feedback based on your spending trends. Upcoming bill? Get notified if your balance is running low to prevent NSF fees.

Keep me in the loop

Let your money manage itself

Personalized and actionable feedback
Insights on your spending trends to and ways to make more income
Reward yourself
You're doing great money for when you're doing great
Improve your credit score
Know your standing and how to improve it
Know about your financial health
Receive detailed weekly and monthly reports on your spending habits and your debt freedom plan
Reach your goal milestones
Reach your goals faster and earn rewards along the way
Bank-level security
We’re not a bank, but we use the same measures as major banks to protect your money

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